eXXec 2021 Registration will open April 4, 2021



This event will be on June 14-17, 2021.

eXXec is the Society of Women Engineers’ Executive Leadership Program, created to deliver actionable high-performance strategies for mid- and senior-level executives. The objective of SWE’s Executive Leadership Program is to provide a holistic approach to professional development for women executives in engineering in which they have the support and resources to execute their leadership vision in active learning environments.



Strategic leaders must not get consumed by the operational and tactical side of their work. They have a duty to find time to shape the future.


Senior-level professionals (15-20 years’ experience) who manage global teams, want greater influence and authority, and deliver actionable high-performance strategies. 

To obtain the most out of the program, attendees are encouraged to engage with the learning process, including multiple pre and post-event learning opportunities.

Top 5 reasons



Meet a new network of executives.

eXXec provides you with a network of peer mentors you can go to for support during and after the program.


Develop your skills and strategies

around these three key leadership pillars: leading self, leading people and leading change.


Learn from global executive subject-matter experts.

Gain new skills and strategies from the top leaders in the industry that you can apply immediately.


Measure your own abilities.

eXXec gives you access to three assessments that analyze your personality, core values and personal interests and show how those traits can be used to strengthen your career and achieve your leadership goals.


The opportunities continue even after the event.

Continue to grow your skills and network with a 60-minute virtual executive coaching session and an invitation to SWE's Executive Luncheon at WE21 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Download these resources to help you approach your employer to ask for their support in attending eXXec:

Executive leadership training from true experts. eXXec 2021 instructors will help you identify and grow the skills that make you your truest leader.





June 14-17, 2021

Monday, June 22:

Check-In and Reception

Tuesday, June 23:

Programming, Day 1 Leading Self

Wednesday, June 24:

Programming, Day 2 Leading People

Thursday, June 25:

Programming, Day 3 (half-day) Leading Change


The eXXec curriculum focuses on the following three pillars of leadership:

Leading Self

Identify how to actively leverage strengths, manage professional development, and obtain support for innovative ideas and strategies.

Leading People

Identify and recognize high-performance practices to motivate and achieve goals in diverse settings.

Leading Change

Develop new insights into situations and learn to question conventional approaches and encourage new ideas and innovation.

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Gain new skills and strategies that you can immediately apply to your leadership goals using a variety of active and continuous learning methods including:

  • Live sessions with global executive subject-matter-experts
  • Social learning opportunities that allow you to openly discuss, question, share and support a new leadership network across a variety of organizations and functions.
  • Three Hogan assessments that measure personality, core values, personal goals and interests
  • A post-60-minute virtual Hogan coaching session
  • Invitation to the SWE Executive Luncheon at WE20
  • Strengthen leadership pipeline
  • Companies that “get it” with learning and development (L&D) are more likely to be high-performing
  • Leadership development is in high demand but short supply
  • Keep pace with the next generation and a desire for continuous learning

eXXec Moderator, Jo Miller

Jo Miller is CEO of Be Leaderly. Jo is dedicated to helping women around the world advance into positions of leadership and influence—especially in male-dominated industries, such as technology, finance, and energy. Through her keynotes, workshops, and webinars, Jo shares the steps women can take to succeed. Globally, she delivers more than 70 presentations—often return engagements—each year to audiences of up to 1,200 women. Jo has spoken at women’s leadership conferences, professional associations, and to women’s networks for hundreds of organizations that include Boeing, BP, Collins Aerospace, GE, Google, GM, John Deere, Medtronic, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Verizon, Department of Homeland Security, and Princeton University. She has spoken in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Jo has partnered with SWE to deliver leadership and professional development programs since 2006.

Jo is co-author of the original research report, Out of the Comfort Zone: How women and men size up stretch assignments — and why leaders should care. Her first book will be published by McGraw Hill Professional in 2019.

Leading People, Dr. Mabel Miguel

Mabel Miguel teaches courses in leadership and management at UNC Kenan-Flagler, where she serves as director of the Global Business Center. She shares her global expertise and experiences by infusing leadership lessons that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries into the leadership and management courses she teaches in MBA and UNC Executive Development programs.

Dr. Miguel has developed and taught leadership skill courses for such organizations as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, ExxonMobil, Sony Ericsson, Caterpillar, CEMEX, Eastman Chemical, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Leading People Session Descriptions:

  • Balancing Leadership & Management
    Are leaders and managers different people? Can you have both sets of skills? Do you know when and how to use them?  This session focuses on answering these questions and discussing how you can understand leadership and management so you can lead purposefully.
  • Managing Performance and Motivation
    Did you know that motivating people is like building a jigsaw puzzle?  If one piece is missing the whole does not work.  In this session, you will learn an integrative model of performance management that incorporates best practices in motivating high performance and will apply this knowledge to your work environment.

Rebecca Ghanadan, Ph.D., Hogan Coaching Network

Rebecca has more than 20 years of experience working in management and change, focusing on organizational effectiveness from a leadership and learning perspective. As a scientist, social scientist, consultant, and coach, Rebecca has leveraged her experience in working with clients ranging from high technology, engineering, science management, and research organizations to higher education and values-based businesses.

Rebecca is highly skilled in empowering leaders to realize their full potential. She has a track record of peer-reviewed publications in scenarios and technological change including Science, and has worked with international teams from energy, technology, and international development organizations. Her experience spans the U.S., Africa, Northeast Asia, and Europe, as well as virtual work in Latin America and the Middle East.