A prestigious 3-day event for mid- to senior-level professionals who aspire to executive status.

Upcoming eXXec Program Dates:

June 24-27, 2024

Location: Chicago, Illinois at Hotel EMC2

eXXec is the Society of Women Engineers’ Executive Leadership Program, created to empower engineers to effect greater change within organizations through a holistic approach to professional development.

Top 5 reasons


Meet a new network of executives.

eXXec provides you with a network of peer mentors you can go to for support during and after the program.

Develop your skills and strategies

In three key leadership pillars: leading self, leading people and leading change.

Learn from global executive subject-matter experts.

Gain new skills and strategies from the top leaders in the industry that you can apply immediately.

Measure your own abilities.

eXXec administers three Hogan leadership assessments to identify how personality traits, core values and interests can be used to strengthen your career and achieve your leadership goals.

The opportunities continue even after the event.

Continue to grow your skills and network with a 60-minute virtual executive coaching session and an invitation to SWE's Executive Luncheon at our annual conference.

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Learn to deliver actionable, high-performance strategies in a safe and personal setting with other influential leaders using the three pillars of leadership:

Learn More About the eXXec Curriculum

Leading Self

Identify how to actively leverage strengths, manage development opportunities, and obtain support for innovative ideas and strategies.

Leading People

Recognize best practices for team effectiveness, including leveraging diversity, building trust, and finding common ground.

Leading Change

Develop new insights that question conventional approaches to lead innovative changes.


ROI for the Organization:

Strategic leaders must not get consumed by the operational and tactical side of their work. They have a duty to find time to shape the future.

Help shape the future in engineering by creating change from the top down in your organization.

eXXec will help your organization:
Strengthen and build an inclusive leadership pipeline
Reach your learning and development goals to continue to be a high-performing company
Keep pace with the next generation of engineers

Download these resources to help you approach your employer to ask for their support in attending eXXec: